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The spirit of the school can be seen in its name, “SOPHOS” which is derived from a Greek word, σοφός, means “having the power of discerning and judging properly as to what is true and right, or in English word “SOPHOS” is “WISE”.


Become a remarkable person in terms of character and academic, having the talent and ability to live an independent life with global knowledge in the fields of arts, culture, technology, as well as environmental culture.


  • Provide an understanding of and becoming accustomed to positive character and values in all aspects of school life.

  • Generate graduates who are intelligent, skilled, godly and devoted, and have a competitive advantage.

  • Give effective guidance and learning in accordance with the needs, potentials, and interests of its students so that their learning achievements are increased.

  • Empower educators and education personnel to meet established standards.

  • Provide a vessel for channeling student potentials and talents in an effort to enhance their development.

  • Provide life skills for independent living.

  • Provide learning experiences with global insight through the use of the latest and qualified information technology.

  • Instill discipline through a clean and orderly work culture.

  • Provide, appreciate, and develop learning experiences in arts and culture.

  • Provide and develop an understanding of the environment in terms of its management, pollution and damage.

Shared Values

Student’s Values:



We have our own way to always speak and act truly on our feelings, beliefs, thoughts, and desires.
We have our own way to be aware that everyone is different and to respect differences.


We have our own way of thinking, making breakthroughs and innovation, and showing appreciation, love and sympathy in different ways.


We have our own way of always learning from anything and anyone.

We have our own way of being lifelong learners.


We have our own way of saying things that really happened, being brave to admit our mistakes and making an apology.

We have our own way of showing ourselves without pretending.


We have our own way of always learning from surroundings and nature, explaining phenomena through observing, and experiencing and analysing it.


We have our own way of making great things noteworthy for ourselves and others.

We have our own way of understanding our responsibilities and doing it seriously without being forced.

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